Found Words – Alexandra Petri

September 13, 2013

“The pumpkin spice latte tastes like the man of your dreams coming up to you on the sidewalk and saying he thinks the Oxford comma should be standard.”

-Alexandra Petri, “In praise/defense/what have you of the Pumpkin Spice Latte,” ComPost blog


Found Words – Joss Whedon

September 6, 2013

“Don’t give me songs. Give me something to sing about.”

-Buffy, BtVS S6E7, “Once More with Feeling”

Found Words – Do No Harm

August 14, 2013

Rob: “We could wake up early, and go clam-digging…”

Lena: “That sounds amazing! Or we could wake up late and go croissant-digging…”

-Do No Harm, Ep 8, “The Cookie Jar”

Found Words – Diana Gabaldon

July 14, 2013

“Getting up once in the dark to go adventuring is a lark. Twice in two days smacks of masochism.”
-Outlander, Ch. 2, p29

Found Words – Battlestar Galactica

July 2, 2013

“It’s not enough to just live. You have to have something to live for.”

-Commander Adama, S1E2, Battlestar Galactica

Found Words – (hospital)

July 1, 2013

“Do you know what my old attending used to call these kinds of days? Goat-roping days.”

-KG, on the days that are already spinning out of control by 8am

Found Words – Loise Bagshawe

April 25, 2013

“But no, it’s not stupid to love someone. Even if they don’t love you back. And it’s not stupid to tell the truth.”
-“Tuesday’s Child,” pp 432-3, Louise Bagshawe