Found Words – Alexandra Petri

June 21, 2012

“We have a perfectly good language full of perfectly beautiful words. Please, stop making verbal centipedes out of them, attaching them where they have no business being attached and forcing them to crawl around, miserable and mangled, until they limp away into the darkness to die.”

Just say no to portmanteaus, ComPost Blog, 6/21/12


Found Words – Paul McAuley

June 17, 2012

“He counted, he thought, in the way that everyone counted. Every individual was only a single drop in an infinite ocean, but every drop sparkled with particularity. This moment was never quite the same as any moment before or since, in any of the multitude of sheaves. He was the sum of millions of such unique moments.”

-Cowboy Angels

Found Words – Paul McAuley

June 16, 2012

“The notion was there and gone, leaving an unsettling sense that he was at the creaking centre of the world’s pivot, that each and every footfall could create a new universe.”

-Cowboy Angels

Found Words – 30 Rock

June 9, 2012

“I don’t think you want to take advice from me. I ate a Three Musketeer’s bar for breakfast and this bra is held together with tape.”

-Liz Lemon, 30 Rock S2E8

Found Words – Ursula K. Le Guin

June 6, 2012

“My name, and yours, and the true name of the sun, or an unborn child, all are syllables if the great word that is very slowly spoken by the shining of the stars. There is no other power. No other name.”

-A Wizard of Earthsea

Found Words – Ursula K. Le Guin

June 5, 2012

“And the truth is that as a man’s real power grows and his knowledge widens, ever the way he can follow grows narrower: until at last he chooses nothing, but does only and wholly what he must do…”

-A Wizard of Earthsea

Found Words – Gaiman and Pratchett

June 1, 2012

From Good Omens:

“If you want to imagine the future, imagine a boy and his dog and his friends. And a summer that never ends.

“And if you want to imagine the future, imagine a boot . . . no, imagine a sneaker, laces trailing, kicking a pebble; imagine a stick, to poke at interesting things, and throw for a dog that may or may not decide to retrieve it; imagine a tuneless whistle, pounding some luckless popular song into insensibility; imagine a figure, half angel, half devil, all human . . .

“Slouching hopefully towards Tadfield . . .

” . . . forever.”