Found Words: James Krefft

This is fan mail to the Freakonomics folks:

Recently I borrowed a copy of your book from a friend (so basically pure benefit for me) and I must say I am impressed. I am well-read, reading on average four books per week. With that said, I love SuperFreakonomics. In fact I enjoyed them so much and your unorthodox approach, that I award both authors the rank of Honored Elder. To quantify, this here is my own ranking of authorial/analytical skill:

Philosopher King
Honored Elder
Ruler of the Aegis
Lord of the Manor
Dan Quayle
Kim Jong Il
Alan Greenspan

Why is Alan Greenspan so bad? Because he created an interest environment that only encouraged bad behavior like: sub-primes, no savings, etc. Anyway, great book. If I am ever in power, you will hear from me.


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