Written Words – (storm)

this storm is purifying my soul
like this city is purifying my body
wiping from it every memory
the rain pounds the storm shutters

and if my mind tries to follow the rain to the heavens
it is only a reminder
that the things that occupy me now
do so in real time

regrets left on the doorsteps of other cities

there’s a rhythm to the madness of life
sheets of water
punctuated by flashes and thunder
and people that provide no more than momentary visions
illuminated only by seconds from darkness

nature has her fury
but comforts in her own way
the relentlessness of the storm

it’s taken so much waterfall
for me to stand, soaking wet
and scream at the heavens

whole again

this storm has brought the end
or at least washed away whispered memories
I only hear its passion

then just as suddenly it passes
as if one last reminder
all things come and go

this too


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