Written Words – (first break)

Writing a thesis is a drag. Most days it’s me, my laptop, and my ideas. Often they’re swirling a little too much to get them on the page they way I want, and even when they do get down, it feels like a drop of water in the ocean that is thesisness.

But in the field it’s different. And today is the first day that difference manifested itself.
It started subtly. Reaching out to all the organisations I’m working with to let them know I’m back in town. I was going through my notes to look for meetings to attend, when I found one for tonight — an association close to where I’m living — and one that hasn’t been particularly cooperative.
The problem? I had already RSVPed to an event with a local investigative journalism non-profit at 6, and was picking up friends at 8:30 from the airport. Add in a neighborhood meeting at 7, across the river in Algiers, meant leaving everything early, rushing and being late to each event, or missing something I’d been looking forward to for weeks.
Not to mention that I didn’t even know where the neighborhood association meeting was; and that was the one thing I really needed to do because it was for the research.
— ok, I guess picking up friends at the airport also really needed to be done, it would not have been nice to leave them —
So I called the president of the neighborhood association.
The meeting had been moved to Monday just 30 minutes before I called.
It was the littlest of things — but it meant my next few days fell into place. Instead of careening from one event to another, I could enjoy each of them. I had gotten in touch with one of my particularly ornery associations. One of those, not only can I do this, but I’m kind of good at it moments.
And that’s exactly how it played out. Reconnected with a bunch of people at the Lens social event — reminding myself of just how connected I am to local issues here. Picked up my friends and had a classic New Orleans night out — with a wild brass band (the Stooges) at the HiHo Lounge.
This weekend? Oyster festival. Next week? 4 neighborhood associations meetings.
It’s on.

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