Written Words – Thesis v. Cousins

It is little moments that get me.

So I’m with my cousins in Atlanta. Trying to keep a good face — but I’m more than a little stressed about the thesis, and some other, well, upcoming events I guess.

I’m wrapping up a rough cut of a chapter that has been absolutely brutal to write. Quick side note — now that it’s done, I realize that this chapter, in and of itself, is as long as my entire Master’s thesis. Good grief this doctoral thing is a pain.

But that’s not terribly important for the story. The point is, I’m trying to get this thing out the door, Stressed. Tired. And my cousins come up and ask me if I can go play basketball.

Now, I tend to only see the cousins once or twice a year, and they’ve been exceptionally understanding that I’ve had some work to do. Immediately Nicholas looks at me and says, “don’t worry if you have to keep writing.”

What a kid. I told him I’d try to make it out.

5 minutes later, I decide heck with it, and out of a sort of familial obligation I reluctantly hit the court.

I was walking out to the backyard hoop when I heard them yelling:

“Big Stephen is coming! Big Stephen is coming!”

Wish I could capture that moment in words. Just the pure excitement that I was coming out to play with them. And the thought that all I had to do was come play. Not be good, not be anything exciting. Just coming to play was enough to get them that excited.

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