Written Words – Buying Music

There are a million options to consume music casually beyond the radio. I used to be a pandora aficionado until I moved overseas. No licensing. So I’ve moved onto Grooveshark, which has a solid database of music, but a poor radio function. Lately I’ve been using hype machine, which creates playlists based on music that has been blogged about.

But when do I buy music? I buy it when I want to support the band (Josh Dion Band. Tear). But I think most of all, I buy an album when it just absolutely captures a moment in time for me.

A week ago that band was The Bird and The Bee. The song that started it all was One on One:

I was listening to everything I could find. Going through all their songs on youtube. Making playlists on Grooveshark. Days with The Bird and the Bee on repeat, humming lyrics to myself.

But what happens when that moment passes to quickly? When I feel silly for getting that excited? When not only is the moment gone, but I’m a little embarrassed by the fact that it was so real at the time?

Can I still like the music?

Do I still buy it?


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