Written Words – Best Friends

Best friends take on weird forms. My best friend growing up never went to the same school as I did. We never did the same things. We had an overlap of friends, but quite different friend groups. We didn’t even always think that much alike.

But we were from the same neighborhood. And there was always some implicit comparison between our lives that we found exciting and stimulating.

Fast forward 8 years. I’m in England, he’s in Iraq. I’m single, he’s married. I went to grad school, he’s in the military.

Our lives couldn’t be more different, but that implicit comparison is still tremendously helpful. Sometimes the struggles are the same (communication, time differences, questions about our careers). Sometimes they’re radically different (our views of family and what family should look like, our takes on religion). But being able to compare them, to set them side by side, it’s still an anchoring factor.

And maybe that’s what best friends are for.


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