Found Words –

In honor of my sister’s visit (guest post):

Title:  You mean there’s more than one of them?

From “Going Postal” by Terry Pratchett, Chapter 10

“”My lovely Miss Dearheart,” said Moist, smiling madly at her.  “Do you have any other name?  Some pet name or nickname, some delightful little diminutive you don’t mind being called?”

She was clearly taken aback, but an answer escaped her before natural cynicism could bar the door.  “My brother used to call me … er …”


“Killer,” said Miss Dearheart.  “But he meant it in a nice way.  Don’t you even think about using it.”

“How about Spike.”

“Spike?  We-ell, I could live with Spike,” said Miss Dearheart, …

//hat tip: DD


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