Written Words– Thoughts from Abroad.

One month ago, I got on a plane to spend my summer in Italy. So I figured that now, at the halfway point, I would put down some thoughts– and thoughts on those thoughts (thoughts thoughts thoughts. Funny word. Too many letters)

1. Planes, trains, and hostels are nice places to make friends.
or at least pretend to make friends. I mean, it is not like anyone actually keeps up with that person they met on the plane ride over, or hangs out with those students they met on the train. It is a great way to meet people to hang out with while traveling, but meeting friends… maybe not.

B. I know a lot more Italian than I thought I did.
Or maybe that is a lot less Italian than I thought I did. I can never tell. I will be feeling great, and then fail to understand when someone asks me whether I want my pizza to go. I think it is safe to say that I know a different amount of Italian than I think I do.

III. Italians are very nice and polite.
Unless you are in Rome.
Well, in Rome too, unless you are a tourist, or maybe only if you are a tourist…
Forget about it. Everyone says that everyone is nicer and more polite here, but I don’t really see it. Maybe it is just because I am not from somewhere exceptionally rude like NYC, but as far as I can tell, people are just people, and there are rude ones as well as polite ones.

Δ You miss a lot if you don’t go to the small towns.
I like this one, but then again, unless you know someone, small towns are not really all that attractive. It is really cool to go and see how life is lived outside of the big city, but it you can’t really do that as a tourist. Then again, that is kinda the whole point. Who knows, maybe the people who make actual friends on trains can go to small towns and have a good time without knowing anyone.

e) Italian food is really great.
Actually, it is. There is no second guessing on this one. I guess if you hate pasta or something, but that is just weird. Try the Ethiopian food too.


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