Written Words – Tug of War

She thinks writing life out is a cop out, that dreams replace achievement and thoughts prevent action.

She thinks life should be a free style, and not carefully a crafted orchestra.

He feels actions should mean something, that nothing is an accident.

He feels logic is key, that emotion should be the result, and not the reason.

She believes in hope.  He has faith in books.

She quotes herself, dreaming of immortality in the form of a Facebook status.  He finds inspiration in the works of those smarter than him, hoping that one line will make the light go on.

She works “smarter not harder”, the path of least resistance.  He’s headstrong, almost masochistic, the journey is his story.

She’s sharp in the morning, creative and motivated.  He’s creative after midnight, thoughtful  and analytical.

He’s changed.  The “go with the flow with smiles and hope” got him smacked on his ass.  She’s evolved, the tunnel vision that got her “cum laude” is not longer needed.

Somewhere there’s a balance they’ll both find.  One extreme pulling at another.


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