Found Words – Barack Obama vs John Stewart

President Obama : “Health care is complicated, health care is a hard issue”

John Stewart : “SO SIMPLIFY IT! You’re the Mother*&^%@#$ President!”

Hmm, the term “duh” comes to mind.  Always love when Stewart takes a democrat to task.  This particular “exchange” (put in quotes because it was Stewart responding to a series clips of President Obama, not face to face) came during a bit Stewart titled “It’s Complicated”, in which a series of clips showed President Obama explaining his administration’s lack of progress on certain issues.  Essentially saying (often with a valid point) that things take a long time to get done because of the complexity of them.  I couldn’t help my mind from taking the “so simplify it!” observation from Stewart.

So I started thinking about how to simplify health care, the economy, foreign relations, funding higher education, or cleaning up the BP oil spill.  After about ten minutes inside my own head, I was mentally drained.  Even in my own idealistic, often naive, view of the world I couldn’t wrap my head around these things.  I hope there are people a lot smarter than me making these decisions, because damn, they seem pretty complicated to me.


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