Found Words/Written Words – Independence

In 2004, an artist living in Sydney got tired of zoning restrictions that prevented him from having a road to connect his home with the surrounding area due to the presence of public land in-between. He therefore seceded from the municipality (but not from New South Wales or from Australia, apparently), declared his home the Principality of Wy, and presented a decree of secession to the mayor. She accepted.

Prince Paul states on the Principality’s website, “Humour is our preferred method of communication. With equal measures of courage and humour the citizen of the world is armed against adversity. You can’t fight humour.”

While I agree, I also just love the sheer chutzpah of the idea. Apparently, the Principality of Wy is not the first of its kind in Australia. Visitors may also check out the Principality of Hutt River, which has resisted all attempts to reincorporate it into Australia at large after seceding 40 years ago to protest quotas on farming.

I like the way these people think.

Oh, and the golden “Wycycle” that the Prince of Wy drives around on festival days.


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