Written Words – Time to Leave

We’re down to the final few days of school for the year and I can feel impatience building in me minute by minute. I can’t focus for longer than a few minutes at a time, and there have been moments in class when I seriously think I’m losing my mind.

I don’t think I’m the only one. There’s a single TA for this crazy block, a TA who’s been working really hard to keep the class on top of things despite a flood of information. A TA who thanked us for giving him a copy of last year’s exam to put online for us after he couldn’t find one.

Each week he sends a summary to explain the material from the week before, just in case it wasn’t clear during the actual lectures (an eventuality that has, sadly, been true for me most of the time). His “round-ups” are usually lengthy, precise, and extremely helpful. The final round-up came out a few hours ago, and I think our TA has finally succumbed to dreams of summer.

“i. In the awake state, cortical neurons are unsynchronized, doing many different things.

1.     It is like a whitewater rapids, which have a lot of activity, but no overall pattern.

ii. In the deepest stages of sleep (sometimes called “slow wave sleep”), neurons are in sync.

1.     There are coordinated oscillatory waves rolling across cortex, like a gentle tide.”

I can guess where he’s going for vacation after classes get out…


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