Written Words – Six Dollars and Fifty Cents

This oil spill is weighing heavy on people’s heart’s in New Orleans, but that doesn’t mean the city isn’t having a good time. Last night, after Jazz Fest finished up, I made my way to the Charbonnet funeral house in Treme to watch the latest episode of David Simon’s new creation. I cozied up with some homemade cookies and popcorn (a buck fifty).

Couldn’t help but laugh when the critical plot twist in episode number four was this (Note: that is the opposite of g-rated).

Afterwards I walked over to Mother-In-Law’s for some jazz. Five dollar cover, and that included crawfish julie and fried chicken. Jazz was great, I lasted until about midnight when I was ready to call it a night.

New Orleans was not quite so ready, and the thunder that cracked open the sky made sure I was soaked and my umbrella was broken by the time I reached my car.

Only in New Orleans. And only for six fifty.

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