Written Words – Inviting friends

My standard line for the last two years when I’m asked why I don’t have a serious girlfriend has been “You have to build your house, before you invite your friends over for a party”.

My thought process being that I can’t have a serious relationship, until I’ve got my own life in order.  How could I be good for someone else if I’m not even sure about myself yet?  Between school and multiple jobs, and really trying to do things ‘the right way’, it’s seemed far fetched and unreasonable to me to add something else in the fold.  Specifically a relationship.  I promised myself a while ago that anything I did these days I wanted to be able to give my full effort into.  The idea being that anything I do, or pursue, has to be given every opportunity to be successful.

But now I wonder if that’s mature thinking, or scared thinking.  Maybe if I have the foundation and frame laid out, it’s okay to invite some friends over to help put up some drywall?  Maybe I need to stop listening to my dad use bizarre analogies.

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