Written Words – Regression

Every so often, I get a sign I’ve chosen the right friends since coming to med school.

Today, while we were out playing on the playground during our lunch break (we gave ourselves recess between our physiology exam and our histology review), my friend Amanda started to run across a narrow bridge. At the last moment, I jumped in front of her, blocking her path as I yelled, “You shall not pass!” After looking startled for a moment, she roared and we both mimed falling. I thought it was over, but then she popped back up, her face twisted into a devastated expression, and cried, “GANDALF!” I did the only logical thing: I grabbed her around the middle, picked her up, and carried her off the bridge to safety. The whole scenario took perhaps 10 seconds.

Need I mention that the one and a half year old boy who’d been watching us now thinks we’re the coolest people ever? His mother, on the other hand, may never trust a doctor again.


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