Written Words – moments of grown-upness

I went today to Sainsbury’s to buy smoothies. And no — that is not the moment. I’m not pretending that real grown-ups have a shopping list that reads: smoothies. scones.

But…I got the cashier and realised something.

I have a nector rewards card. For 18 months I resisted the idea that each and every retailer in Oxford could make me sign up for some cockamamie rewards scheme in order to have access to their discounts. But that all changed when I stopped having the dinner plan at college. Instead of two well-rounded meals a day, I was surviving on one beautiful Nuffield lunch, scones, smoothies, cereal, PB&Js, pasta and lots of meals at the pub. A decidedly ungrown-up diet — but one with very grown up consequences.

Overnight (or, more accurately, overterm) I doubled my expenditures at Sainsbury’s. And now, every time that automated cashier asks me for my “nector card” I was stewing over potential savings that cost me nothing.

This is how morals are compromised. And so I broke one of my two cardinal rules (the other being never to purchase a phone that would make me constantly available via email — although that one had a brush with fate this week as well): I ordered one of these grocery store rewards cards.

Today, in the purchase of 6 smoothies, off-brand Nutella, scones and milk, I used my nector card for the first time. It was an adult calculation — I knew I was going to be around for a few years. It was the type of thing someone does when they’re settling. Or grown up.

Or maybe it was just the type of decision someone makes when trying to support a growing smoothie habit.


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