Written Words – What I’ve Learned in Europe (part 2)

  1. When in doubt about “local food” in Ireland, pizza hut buffet’s and Papa Johns are still clutch
  2. The “Big Freeze” is no joke.  It’s cold.  Somehow when you’re seeing cool things it’s not so bad.
  3. Losing a Yankees hat, and winter gloves sucks.
  4. Next time, bring a razor, otherwise people will think you’re a “chav”.  This is not a good thing evidently
  5. Saying you’re “from the states” evidently makes you VIP at late night clubs.
  6. “DeMatha” gets you respect, and notice, even in Ireland.
  7. Hostel’s should be more common in America.
  8. The “Dublin Spire” is way cooler if you refer to it as the “Dublin Spike”
  9. “Holy Cross Girls” are obnoxious, even in Ireland
  10. Hot foreign girls always know how to use their keys.  Unattractive girls are always the ones that need help from a dashing American
  11. Irish girls are irresistibly cute.  But don’t seem to understand that miniskirts when it’s 20 degrees (sub zero for the Celsius believers), rainy, and windy, is not a good idea.  Seriously,   what in the hell.
  12. “Do not enter” signs do not apply when you’re with someone who’s 6 foot 8.
  13. Guinnes really does taste better, and totally constitutes a meal
  14. The “girl to guy” ratio at Irish pubs is far more favorable in Ireland than anywhere in the states.  But American girls and their nonstop cameras are still easy to pluck out.
  15. All the toilets have 2 buttons on them for flushing purposes.  One small, one big.  Took me 4 days, and asking to understand why…
  16. After visiting The Cliffs of Moher Chicago is kidding itself when it refers to itself at “The Windy City”, and there is no picture in the world that does justice to how impressive that place is.
  17. Seeing your first Broadway show in London is by far the coolest way to do it, seeing “Wicked” is even cooler.
  18. Getting through customs from Ireland is not nearly as painful as getting through customs in London.
  19. The time difference between Europe and the east coast of the states confuses the hell out of your body when your body is 5 hours ahead of your mind
  20. The world is a helluva lot bigger than I understood

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