Written Words – Things I’ve learned in Europe (part 1)


  1. Dennis Kucinich flies coach
  2. Virgin Atlantic has very attractive flight attendants
  3. 8 hours seems a lot longer when confined to a small chair
  4. In-flight movies generally aren’t very good, but Tetris was/is a highly underrated video game
  5. British accents make people sound like they’re either being extremely proper, or just mocking me


  1. Flashing “Deuces” is a double “F-You!” over here and not the standard “peace dawg” that it is back in the states.  Evidently not the most polite way to greet someone.
  2. “On Holiday” = “On Vacation”, interesting.
  3. Everything is smaller.  The cars, the roads, the fences, the people etc.
  4. Oxford handles snow better than the DC Metro area does, without so much as a plow it seems.
  5. Public transportation is immensely better, more efficient, and easier to use.
  6. Beer is served just above room temperature here, yet tastes better.


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