Written Words – It’s.

It’s uncomfortable. To see a genius struggle to learn.  Because what can a genius learn?

It’s deflating.  To have grand ideas and common achievements.  Because what’s an idea without manifestation?

It’s depressing.  To look in the past and see nothing of substance.  Because how will the future be different?

It’s frustrating.  To have a breakthrough, followed by a setback.  Because why keep pushing forward if the pull backwards is inevitable, and stronger?

It’s refreshing.  To see a genius get his ass kicked, and get up smiling.  Because maybe that’s why they’re a genius.

It’s reassuring.  To have simple successes.  Because it just takes one to change a life.

It’s inspiring.  To see a past littered with failures.  Because clearly each one wasn’t fatal.

It’s life.


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