Written Words – (on coming back)

The difference between year one and year two in a nutshell:

Last year it was about Meeting People. Everyone. All At Once. As many interesting people as I could find. This year — not so much.

Had lunch scheduled with a friend from Penn who is over here for a Master’s in English. Great guy, and I was looking forward to catching up. We were just going to duck into a little diner after mass. At mass he asked me if he could bring a friend. Then his friend brought a friend. Then he met three people after mass and invited them. And soon we were rolling 7 deep like Freshers at a bop.

Lunch ends, I still haven’t caught up with my friend (or said so much as 5 words to him). For me? Frustrating — now I have to find another time to catch up. It was about him.

But for him? Huge success. New Friends. Meeting People. Everyone At Once.

Kind of nice to know enough people that it’s enough to focus on one at a time.


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