Found Words – Blue Jupiter

“Hold the dream, don’t wait ’til morning
The silence of the winter starlight shines above the pain
Eyes of glass, close the window
It’s getting very cold outside,
You might let something in

I am still afraid,
The demons are coming
They’ll take me away
I won’t let them hurt you
You will always be my little angel
Don’t hold me too close…

Quietly, you’re slowly drifting
Space and time are vanishing,
The realm of dreams begins.
You were there, helplessly enchanting,
You waited for the fantasy
To take you where you want to be
Why didn’t you tell me you had gone too far
I could have believed in/truth is much too hard
I never believed in love before you said…

(I am still afraid/I won’t let them hurt you/the demons are coming)
Forget whatever thoughts that keep you here
And you will be forever (the demons are coming)
Forget whatever’s real (save me from this dream)
when you’re alone in darkness (my angel)
And you will see forever (I’ll be your friend) 

Wait for me
I will follow
Wherever you may lead me child,
I won’t be far behind
Fantasies, open windows,
Leaves me shivering
But I have never felt so warm

I am still ashamed, the shadows are shaking,
Please take me away (I am still afraid)
I’ll never be far from/you are all I have (still afraid)
Forever is ours and once again we dream…”
-Nightlight, by Blue Jupiter

For Codi

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