Written Words – (thesis)

I’m not sure what it is about my thesis that makes me want to write things other than my thesis — but here’s a little thesis poetry. Probably should rewrite and drop the tattoo bit and emphasize the washing machine bit. Oh well.

Chewing through pens I’m so restless
as ink spills out the back end
I’m dying my tongue black
waiting for life to get back to normal

I’m waiting, wasting time
turning wheels
there’s no accomplishments
no one cares about their 20s
this is a carefree time

I want better
more — I can’t sleep when
so much is on the horizon
I try to put my pen to the paper
but the sun isn’t rising

if it was my life
I’d write my thesis in a night
carve it with a knife into my right arm
and be tattooed with it for life

but instead it drips onto paper
like blood for a paper cut


and I’m repeating to myself over and over
that this is the next big thing
but it can’t hold my attention for long enough to be written

so i’m in the wash cycle

Too long since I’ve taken a chance.

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