Found Words – Posner

Always insightful discussion on the Senate/filibuster from Becker and Posner. My favorite part:

“Since the Senate is very large and Senators are directly elected, it is unclear why there is a Senate–that is, why the federal legislature is bicameral. Bicameralism increases the transaction costs of enacting legislation, which can be good or bad (it is bad in national emergencies, as in the financial crisis of last September), and it also increases the cost of repeal, which on balance probably is bad, arbitrarily enhances the political power of sparsely populated states, results in many unprincipled and confusing legislative compromises, and diffuses responsibility for legislation. It is not clear that on balance we are better off with the bicameral system.”

Of course — I think there could have been more discussion of small vs. large / urban vs. rural.


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