Found Words – Wicked

For the final day of exams — the “unexamined life”:

the trouble with schools is 
they always try to teach the wrong lesson 
believe me, i’ve been kicked out 
of enough of them to know 
they want you to become less callow 
less shallow 
but i say: “why invite stress in?” 
stop studying strife 
and learn to life “the unexamined life” 

Dancing through life 
skimming the surface 
gliding where turf is smooth 
life’s more painless 
for the brainless 
why think too hard? 
when it’s so soothing 
dancing through life 
no need to tough it 
when you can sluff it off as i do 
nothing matters 
but knowing nothing matters 
it’s just life 
so keep dancing through…


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