Found Words – Michael Wilbon

June 30, 2009

Very, very, interesting column on the difference between how people, specifically Tiger Woods and Jim Brown, approach creating social change, or more importantly, social progress:

“Everybody’s method and manner of being socially active is different.”


Found Words – George Burns

June 30, 2009


“I thought the metric system was a way to beat the horses.”

Found Words – JM

June 29, 2009

Email of the day:

“I’m actually not sure if what I’m currently experiencing can be described as life?  I’ve just woken up, again, after a second nap.  I woke up from (name)’s at noon, clutching the Guitar Hero guitar like a lover and absolutely covered in cards of some sort.  I then proceeded to make my way to the bathroom … only to find (name) asleep on the bathroom floor.”

Found Words – Tom Parker

June 28, 2009

From Rules of Thumb — via Nudge:

“No more than 25 percent of the guests at a university dinner party can come from the economics department without spoiling the conversation.”

Found Words – Wicked

June 27, 2009

New work music. Wicked.

“Many years I have waited 
For a gift like yours to appear”

 – The Wizard and I

Found Words – Mark Twain

June 27, 2009

Life on the Mississippi —

“Ten thousand River Commissions, with the mines of the world at their back, cannot tame that lawless stream, cannot curb or confine it, cannot say to it, Go here, or Go there, and make it obey; cannot save a shore which it has sentenced; cannot bar its path with an obstruction which it will not tear down, dance over, and laugh at. But a discreet man will not put these things into spoken words; for the West Point engineers have not their superiors anywhere; they know all there is to know of their abstruse science; and so, since they conceive that they can fetter and handcuff that river and boss him, it is but wisdom for the unscientific man to keep still, lie low, and wait until they do it. Captain Eads, with his jetties, has done a work at the mouth of the Mississippi which seemed clearly impossible; so we do feel full confidence now to prophesy against like impossibilities. Otherwise one would pipe out and say the Commission might as well bully the comets in their courses and undertake to make them behave, as try to bully the Mississippi into right and reasonable conduct”

Found Words – Roger Ebert

June 27, 2009

This concept has always been a little unclear to me:

“Some stereotyping still takes place,” Ebert said. “In films aimed at black consumers, such as Tyler Perry’s ‘Madea,’ it’s in the nature of an inside joke. When outsiders do it, it loses its humor and is simply offensive.”