Written Words – (Pentecost Homily)

Was a little bummed out to miss the St. Rose Pentecost Picnic, one of my favorite events of the ecumenical calendar. There’s not many things as inspiring as the Catholic men contingent of St. Rose barbecuing brots and kielbasa. 

Had to settle for a homily at the chaplaincy by Fr. Gerry Hughes — and he had some interest things to say. 

His major point was that evangelism had to speak directly to the individual to whom you’re talking. Based loosely on the idea that everyone heard the apostles in their own language in the readings today. He trumpeted St. Paul as an example of someone who engaged people on their own turf. For the Corinthians it was love, for the Athenians philosophy, for the Galations…orgies. Yes, Fr. Gerry Hughes made an orgy joke in mass. 

Priest joke notwithstanding, I thought this was largely right on the money. Too often evangelism become inward-looking, about the beliefs of the person doing the evangelizing. It should be about engaging the person you’re speaking too. 

One last Fr. Gerry thought: 

He said that a simple faith wasn’t enough for a modern world — and that’s why the youth are so important in the modern church. He said we were situated to both speak to the complexities of the modern world, but also speak to the faith of our church.

It’s talented priests like Fr. Gerry that make me proud of the Catholic Church.


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