Found Words – Susan Wills

Not to read for the squeamish. Seriously, this post could well ruin your day — it just ruined mine. More on abortion. I’ll put the rest after the jump.

Heard Fr. Frank Pavone, the founder of Priests for Life, speak once. He spoke at length about the industry of selling fetus parts post-abortion. Now, year’s later, when asked about Obama at Notre Dame, it came back to my mind. I don’t know much about this publication, but this is exactly what Fr. Pavone was talking about:

Many of the recorded comments allegedly made by Dr. Miles Jones to an investigator, whom he assumed was a potential research client, relate to Opening Lines’s fee schedule, financial arrangements with abortion clinics, and Jones’s aggressive search for sources of fetal organs and tissue in Mexico and Canada. The conversation is also consistent with OL’s brochure and minutely detailed fee schedule ranging from, on the low end, spleens, ears, and eyes for as little as $50 (“40% discount for single eye”), to the pricey gonads for $550, “Intact trunk (with/without limbs)” for $500, “Intact embryonic cadaver (>8 weeks)” for $600, and a “Brain (>8 weeks)” for $999, but “30% discount if significantly fragmented.”

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