Written Words – “Coach”

Recieved a text message the other day with the following message “Great to see you again coach,  you’re invited to the tailgate just so you know”

It was from a kid I coached about 2 years ago.  A friends brother had formed a basketball team, and they needed a coach, since I had a little experience via osmosis he asked me.  I coached he and his friends for about 4 months and it was a great experience.  They got better, and had fun, I learned a lot about coaching, as well as myself.  It was a tremenous experience.

About a year ago a handful of kids from that team began working for me part time.  Even as their boss, they all simply address me as “Coach”.  I don’t think I can overstate the sense of pride that gives me.  Having been around team sports, and “coaches”,  my entire life I know the sense of respect I have for someone I address as coach.  The people that  have had an impact on my life, that have truly made me a better person, whether they coached me in T-ball or high school basketball, are “coach” to me for life. 

A good buddy of mine and I talk basketball on a regular basis.  There is one person who we refer to simply as “coach” without a last name necessary.  We’ve both played for dozens of coaches in our lives, but “coach” is Morgan Wootten.  Other people we’ve played for that we don’t quite have the same respect for we may refer to by simply their last name.  I don’t conciously do it, and I’d imagine my friend doesn’t either.  But there is a certain level of respect that comes with that term.

I’ll run into retired coaches all the time, a lot of them good friends, they all get addressed as “Coach so and so”.  Not “Billy” or “Pete” or “Mr. Smith” or “Ms. Roberts”.  They are coaches, it’s not what they do, it’s who they are.  “Coach” takes precedent over any other area of their life.

Anyways, it’s just neat to be called “coach” and not “some guy that tried to get us to run a zone defense and sucked at it”.


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