Found Words – Howard Gensler

Maybe that’s another reason to like Belcore. Every head coach yells and screams at players having nothing to do with strategy or skill work. Great players pay no attention to the screaming. Mature players know when not to pay attention. Young players pay to much attention.
The head coach runs the show but by nature and competitiveness almost all of them are psycho hotheads. As a player you can’t take evrything they say to heart, some of it is just frustrated, angry babble. 

Back in the Schneider era, Schneider completely got in the head of Chris Elzey and made him ineffective. Bromwell was a good enough player that he overcame it (and he’d already played a year for the even crazier Gordon Chiesa at Manhattan) and Lefkowitz had a stong enough individual personality that he didn’t let it bother him.

You think every time Dunphy yelled at Allen and Jordan they questioned themselves and let it affect them? They wouldn’t have been able to play. You have to let all of that – what I call Coach’s Tourettes – go. These are people whose jobs depend on teenagers and Saturday night Ivy League referees. How could they not be prone to explosions. They can’t help themselves. If Belcore doesn’t sop up every word, good for him.

After speaking with numerous players over the years about this, my attitude is that the coach needs to prepare the players to play and help them improve. Once the game starts, the players’ primary focus has to be playing. If the coach doesn’t like the way the player is playing he can take him out. That’s the deal: The coach decides which players play, the players play. But I doubt there are too many good players who can succeed on the court with one eye and one ear focused on the bench. 

 – basketball-u

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