Written Words – 17

January 31, 2009

I remember her clear as day – 17 and in the height of her glory – singing on stage as if the world could have ended that moment and it would have been poetic justice – sometimes poetry just follows people

and I said – that is life – 

at the time nothing more than an aspiration – as I told myself to have patience

you’ll get there

as if I would never stop growing – as if she’d stay an aspiration – as if the entire world could stop spinning with that perfectly structured high school hierarchy.

of course it didn’t

but it doesn’t make it any less sad – three years later – coffee at Starbucks and thinking – this is so cliché

where did the you from 17 go?

as if I had outgrown her

he was alive – living without thinking as if in the moment of hesitation too much would be lost 

and we took on the world like late night conversations could solve all her problems – two boys testing their wings – we left the nest

and what else can you expect?

you can’t stay that close forever

and now the ideas ring hollow – as if we’re grasping for what we used to be – as if we still asked each other who God was

as if I never stopped growing

I almost sent an email the other day – almost said maybe there was something there that wasn’t time bound – that she needs to hear – that I need to say

I didn’t

but I had to think about it – are all things time bound? just a matching of moments between two humans – 

we grew up together – we’ve grown apart – we’ve grown up

I’ve outgrown you

as if these floppy arms could hide the stretch marks


Found Words – Megan McCardle

January 30, 2009

How our government deals with a crisis:

“So.  It’s time to admit what we already know:  proponents of the stimulus are in favor of this package in large part because they favor a fairly large transfer of resources to the public sector, and the stimulus is a good way to achieve that.  There is, in fact, nothing wrong with this belief, for all that I disagree with it.  And most of the opponents of this package are opposed just as reflexively.”

 – asymmetric information

Found Words – Nietzsche

January 29, 2009

“Whoever would be someday the bearer of an important message remains quiet for a long time; whoever wants to provide lightning must for a long time be a cloud.”

//hat tip: TD

Found Words – William Gale

January 29, 2009

The scariest thing about government:

“There are no really good options here, only more or less successful efforts to stave off the major economic downturn that would result from doing nothing. But it should be apparent that even if the stimulus succeeds in turning the economy around over the next few years, it will have done so at the cost of making our medium- and longer-term over-consumption and over-borrowing problems even worse than they already are.”

 – New York Times

Found Words – …

January 29, 2009

“It reminds me of that joke: so two dogs saw a kid break dancing and one dog said to the other, ‘if they saw us doing that, they’d worm us.” 

 – Bill Clinton and the original GB gets a laugh or two at the beginning as well.

Found Music – MAE

January 26, 2009

A year ago, I was listening to the band live at the Uptown… I don’t know if I can say the songs mean more now than they did then, but they definitely mean something different.


Would you rest with me just for a while
I’ll take you out of harms way
Like these branches that shelter the rain
We could lay here in our own shade


we’re chasing heaven as it fades into black
can’t get it back, no we can’t get it back
it’s like we’re running crazy 8’s ’round the track
can’t wait to come back, can’t wait to come back

Found Music – Rokia Traore

January 26, 2009

So I guess I am on a bit of an international music kick right now. I heard this one on NPR too, and it is just amazing. The emotions in her voice are amazing, and I have no idea what she is saying. The song is Dounia, and the artist is Rokia Traore from Mali.