Written Words – (car ride)

On the car ride back from our latest basketball conquest the fellas somehow started a discussion about life expectancy. Apparently, there’s a guy at Cambridge who believes the world’s first thousand year old has already been born. The argument being that we’re getting to the point where we can just replace things in the body.

Our point guard countered with: more people may be living to older ages (into their 80s and 90s) but the upper bound is still early hundreds and its been that way for a long time. No one is shattering that ceiling, but more people are getting to it. 

I’ve heard that women my age (early 20s) in developed countries should plan their lives as if they’ll live to 100.

Which brought up the interesting issue: If someone lives to be 100 (or even 200) how much will they see change? 

Even now, a group of 20 year olds in the car remember when internet was “new” and really everyone just referred to it as “AOL.”

Even better – we finished the conversation by singing the sound our dial-up modems used to make. You know what I’m talking about.


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