Found Words – R. Walker

October 30, 2008

On academics:

“We’re not in the business of making things bloody complicated to justify our existence.”


Written Words – Comic Book Poetry

October 30, 2008

Because today had to be better than yesterday. A little happy poetry from stat class:

I have Josh Dion flowing from my pore
music bursting through my skin

“hello” merges with a sarcastic “you’re glowing”
and he’s only half kidding

these are the days when I feel like I can do anything

these are the days when I laugh at the caffeine addicted
as I live of adrenaline and music

as if the soap from my shower blessed me with predictive powers
and I’m writing the future by blasting my music louder 

as if silence is kryptonite
and rhythm can give new life
and nothing is impossible
if I’m singing the lyrics right

I’m leaping buildings with single bounds
as long as my headphones are emitting sound

My heart beat is a drum beat
pounding a rhythm to bike pedals through feet 

as if the world is my concert
and I’m playing the street

along with a band of fellow superheroes
who my friends would love to meet

Today I’m the classic comic-book cartoon
 – saving the world –
and singing while doing it

Written Words – Book?

October 30, 2008

I can feel it
taking a “wtf” in the purest sense of the phrase
 – this is crazy –
but addicting

I’m flexing
trying to understand the limits of my writing
and it’s crazy

but no more crazy than
that people are asking me to write it

Written Words – Thankful

October 30, 2008

Thing I thank God for every (cold) day:

Lined jeans.

Written Words – Philly Nostalgia

October 30, 2008

Wish I was in the city right now. Hell of a year Phils. 

Way to get that chip off the city’s collective shoulder.

Written Words – basketball

October 30, 2008

Big away game at Cambridge – except, get this, a “lorry” (truck) jack-knifed and spilled lard all over M40, the main highway. We realized this when surreally people started backing up on the highway. 

We call ahead, say we’re going to be an hour late to the game. Sports Fed (our athletic department) says come anyway. We drive 4 hrs (instead of 1 and a half) to Cambridge – get there at 12:40 (for a 12 o’clock game) and the ref says he called the game at 12:30. 

So we eat lunch, turn back around, and find out that now there has been another accident and M40 is closed the other direction.

The trip took 11 hours – including lunch and negotiations about trying to play (which mostly included our captain cursing, and them telling us they were offended by our manners) – and we’re not even sure if the game is a forfeit or if we have to reschedule. 

The good news is – we all hate Cambridge now.

Found Words – Mark Knopfler

October 28, 2008

“And it’s your face I’m looking for on every street.”

-On Every Street