Written Words – Perspective

August 31, 2008

Today I was working out and I realized something.  One, that I’m incredibly out of shape, but more importantly, how my body reacted to how I was thinking.  Let me explain.

I set the elyptical for a 30 minute workout.  It’s a pretty cool machine that varies levels of resistence throughout the course of the workout, tells you weather you’re going to fast, or too slow and spits out all kinds of numbers (calories burned, miles traveled, heart rate, etc…) while you’re doing your workout. 

After a little bit, I was getting pretty winded and had worked up a pretty decent sweat.  I looked down at the moniter and much to my dismay, learned I was 21:33 left on the damn machine.  Literally a soon as I saw how much longer I was expected, I felt as though I was running in cement, and my lungs felt as though I smoked a pack a day.  I strongly considered just ending the workout prematurely, but while I attempted to rationalize in my head quitting, I actually convinced myself to move on.  My thought was “hey I’ve already ran for 9 minutes, that’s better than I could have done 3 months ago”.  Mid sentence it occurred to me. “Wow, I’ve been running for almost ten minutes”.  While a more seasoned runner may have scoffed at me feeling good for a ten minute run, I was genuinely proud.  My legs suddenly felt light, and my breathing felt effortless.  Suddenly time sped up.  Bizarre as it sounds, my workout got legitimately easier the second my mindset was positive.

It’d be rational to say I simply caught my “Second wind”.  And there’s a very good chance that’s exactly what happened.  But I’d also like to think that at least part of it was the ability to appreciate what I’d accomplished to that point, coupled with an understanding of what I still needed to do.  And that’s not an easy thing to do a lot of times, but it was amazing how much easier the task at hand got once I realized it.


Found Words – Fake it til you make it

August 31, 2008

“I feel like you must have been incredibly good looking in a previous life, because you’re current appearance doesn’t justify the confidence you have” – Anonymous

Found Words – Sugaland

August 30, 2008

I’ve got better things to do than my to-do list anyway

 – All I want to do

Found Words – Hawk Nelson

August 30, 2008

Is forever enough?

Found Words – Midnight Oil

August 30, 2008

So you cut all the tall trees down, you poisoned the sky and the sea
You’ve taken what’s good from the ground
But you’ve left precious little for me
You remember the flood and the fall, we remember the light on the hill
There should be enough for us all, but the dollar is driving us still

River runs red, black rain falls, dust in my hand
River runs red, black rain falls, on my bleeding land

 – River Runs Red

Found Words – Brad Paisley

August 30, 2008

Sittin’ on a bench at West Town Mall
He sat down in his overalls and asked me
You waitin’ on a woman
I nodded yeah and said how ’bout you
He said son since nineteen fifty-two I’ve been
Waitin’ on a woman

 – Waitin’ on a woman

Found Words – Truck

August 29, 2008

On the side of a truck:

If you want to walk on water… you have to get off the boat. 

 – God