Written Words – Driving

There was a downside to transporting a computer chair from Philly for my brother. The only place it fit was the front seat, and even there, the armrest was so close to the gearbox that it kept me from going into fifth.

So I spent the entire trip going 62 mph and at exactly 33k rpm.

I’ve never been in the car for 3 hours and been passed by every car I saw.

And given three hours to observe the world from this new perspective, this is what I noticed: cars travel in packs. I can’t think of a good reason why this should be the case. Because we accelerate until a car is in front of us?

I spent the whole trip driving slower than the speed of traffic. I’d see no cars, then ten or twelve together.

My hypothesis? Evolutionary remnants of herding instincts. Since we don’t often travel in packs anymore (and when we do it’s in a car/train/plane together so it feels natural) it doesn’t often have the chance to show, but for some reason when we get in cars we bunch together naturally.

It sort of makes sense, right?


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