Written Words – Sad Lullaby

My jaw is clenched. I’m grinding my teeth to the beat of your dancing.

My fists are clasped. I’m cutting my hair to the sway of your hips.

When I am done you will have nothing to recognize me by.

I will have hidden the person you once knew.

I must move on.

Time proved me wrong. And now we use time as protection.

Simple syncopation.

Parallel used to mean perfectly aligned.

Now it means never crossing paths.

We are infinite without each other.

The quiet sad melody of a tragedy.

We are sheet music.

Dusted off and played at the occasional family get together.

We are the old out of tune piano,

waiting in the corner,

waiting for someone to play it –

we are the black keys.

Collapsing under God’s knuckles, we are silly tunes that once made us smile.

I never noticed how sad the lullabies were,

until I heard someone else singing them.


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